Sunday, April 28, 2013

I don't even know why we like each other #1-3

Do you ever look at your spouse, or friend, or cousin, parent, etc, and think "I don't even know why we like each other?"

You realize differences are not complimentary.  Opinions are not comprehensible.  Tastes absolutely do not match.  And yet you still think that person is just the greatest thing ever.

Sometimes my husband and I have these moments.
  1. He doesn't like jello, oranges, or sour cream.  Ok, he's allergic to the sour cream, but hello-- who doesn't like oranges??  (to be fair, he opposes the texture, not the taste)
  2. He LOVES spicy food.   Things that I can hardly handle as too hot he thinks are slightly flavorful. Wasabi, Fred's hot sauce, horseradish.... it's all wonderful to him.  Please just pass me a potato with butter.
  3. He thinks skydiving is thrilling. Just thinking of free fall makes me sick to my stomach.
We've figured out that we still like each other because for the things that matter most, we're perfect for each other.  We keep important things important, and everything else can be crazy and weird.  The things that matter most are worth enduring what doesn't matter at all.

Monday, April 1, 2013

No Foolin' Here

Exactly one year ago my husband sent me to his kitchen to get an apple out of the fridge.   A minute later he was on his knee in that tiny kitchen asking me to marry him and he was not joking.

Of course, I said yes.  Or maybe I said "of course".  Same difference.  We're married.

It actually never crossed my mind that he was joking.  (I forgot it was April 1 till later when a few family members texted me after we spoke to make sure it was real and I had to assure them I was serious.)

I realize this is every Facebook jokester's dream, y'know actually getting engaged and announcing it on April Fool's Day because nobody will believe you and then the joke's is still on them.  But I have too much respect for my close friends and family to take advantage of this golden opportunity.  I'm also a terrible liar.

But seriously, it really means a lot to me to personally tell my own good news, and let others personally tell me their good news.  Those closest to me know they must call me to tell me important news or I will pout.  Three have called in the middle of the night to tell me their engaged.  My sister rustled me out of bed to tell me she was engaged.  My brother called me in the middle of the night to tell me I was going to be an aunt.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

After we got engaged I systematically called my mom, dad, siblings, Grandma, various other relatives, and best friends in turn.  Since there are a lot of them, it took a while.  When I couldn't get to everyone, I let the rest of my family spread the news too.  Sorry if I didn't get to you.

I actually didn't ever get around to putting it on Facebook though I did blog about it about a month later and casually referred to it occasionally.  Sometimes I almost regret not capitalizing on the opportunity for such a good joke, but then I remember were so many other things going on at this time last year that were more important than making a joke that I no longer feel bad.

In conclusion, I'm glad it was no joke.
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