Friday, October 16, 2009

Identifiably me

Today I had an experience I haven't had since coming to college. Walking to class from work with a coworker today I passed by an apartment complex. Two guys come walking and talking out of the complex area as we passed by. Suddenly from behind me I hear someone say "Hey are you a Lee?" I quickly turn around and stare bewilderingly.

"Yeah. What are you?" I ask. I didn't recognize him, but if this kid knows my family he has to be from some family I know, and if he called me a Lee me MUST be from Idaho.

"My name is Caleb ([?] I think it was Caleb; it was a quick interaction and I'm not good with names). I'm a Knight."

"Ah! OK," I reply with understanding. I don't know this kid but I was right, I do know the family.

"Wow, you guys all look alike. I knew you must have been a Lee," he says. We exchange a few civilities then part ways with a "Nice to see you in Provo!"

It's not like I've never had a conversation like this before. Growing up the sixth sibling in ten years to go through the same public school system people often asked if I was a Lee. I just haven't heard it since I came to college so it was a little surreal. Kind of like de ja vu, but not really.

So, what gives it away? Good looks? Amazing athleticism? Killer charm? Humility? I know, I know, I'm not that dense. I'm fully aware that 5/8 of us are tall, skinny redheads with big mouths that stick out more than an albino at a Black Student Union meeting. But I can dream, can't I? It's not always flattering to be told I look like boys. Yeah, I know they don't mean to say that I look like I am a boy, but that's what it sounds like when they say "you look like your brother(s)." No offense, guys.

That's my story. Time to get to writing things I get a grade for.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I'm in my thesis writing class right now where I take information I gathered over the summer and try to make sense of it in a 30+ page paper. My teacher recommends that we do a little bit of informal warm-up writing to get us in the right mind before we start into our paper writing. Maybe I'll blog more often for my "warm-ups." This is a warm up. Now what to talk about?.... I'll take suggestions from anyone who cares about reading this.

For today, I'll introduce you to my roommates. I'm up to roommates #24, 25, and 26, so I think I'm getting good at being a roommate with lots of different kinds of people. For always living with random people, I've been pretty fortunate to always get great roommates.

My room-roommate's name is Sami and she is super cute. I feel like she's a little pixie or doll because she's petite and has cute, short blond hair and a beautiful smile. I feel huge next to her. She's easy to live with and always makes sure to ask me how my day went. Best of all she likes it when I get my nerd on and talk about anthropology. I think I've actually convinced her to get her minor in it! Wait, actually best of all she volunteers to give me back rubs! Those of you that know me well know that I am the biggest fan of backrubs ever!

I was acquainted with my roommate Kyrie from when I lived in this building before I went to Jerusalem. She's the only person I've lived with that I knew before we lived together. She makes great lasagna and always invites me when she cooks for her dinner group.

The last roommate is Jackie and she's the first red-head I've ever lived with in college! She's like the "mom" of the apartment. She always has great advice and fights to let us let her clean the kitchen. I don't mind it at all :). She also voluntarily gives me shoulder rubs too which I will never say no to.

All in all we have an 'appy lil 'ome here in Provo. Life stays busy but it's good. I think I have 199 days till graduation. Jackie the accountant keeps track for me because she's graduating too (with her masters of accounting). Happy October.
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