Sunday, June 29, 2008


Wow, I've already posted 40 times. That's a lot. The tonsils are gone. It all went smoothly or so I was told because I only remember half of the morning. I have had no bleeding at all and my pain has been manageable. I had lots of people tell me how bad it would be since I'm "old" but I am happy to report they have been mostly wrong. I had it done Wednesday and today is Sunday and the first day I have felt really kind of sick. The first few days are usually fine, but as the nerves in the throat grow back it gets more painful and the pain reaches up to the ears; I am at that stage. I think it's giving me a little fever; I'm nauseous and a little dizzy. I'm taking liquid Lortab for pain and it takes the edge off so I can swallow ok, but I think that is what is making me feel woozy now even though it didn't earlier. It's painful to talk today too when it wasn't before. I go back to the doctor on Tuesday for my follow-up and will go back to work on Thursday. The family all left me this weekend to fend for myself. Danny went to a wedding out of town and the rest went on a spur-of-the-moment fishing/camping trip to the Big Hole in Montana. I hung out at Grandpa's on Friday and stayed by myself at home the rest of the time. Luckily I felt good during that time and wasn't sick till today. Everyone is back home tonight. It has turned blasted hot this weekend. I'm sure glad I live in the basement where it stays cool. I just feel bad that the upstairs was so hot when everyone came home!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Much ado about nothing

I have been instructed to write a new post, because apparently y'all are tired of reading my old postings. The reason I haven't written is because life hasn't been unusual or interesting. Nothing has changed except maybe the fact that my work schedule is finally becoming more consistent, and that isn't very cool to read about. Um.... I cleaned my room? Sorry, I don't have much else to go on right now. Our house is looking like a house again. The new part is being painted now. Then all that is left is counter tops, fixtures, flooring, and siding. The weather finally turned warm this week so we aren't living in a refrigerator any more. It would get pretty cold since the weather was 20 degrees below average and the add-on had open window and door holes. Oh, I get my tonsils out next Wednesday. I'll take a week off of work after that to recoup, then it's back to the grindstone! Actually, work isn't bad at all. Business has been slower than normal because of the cold and rain, but since it has warmed up and things are happening downtown, it has picked up a lot. I don't live with my camera around my neck anymore, so I don't have any new pictures up, sorry. So there you have it, a whole paragraph for me to say that nothing is really going on that you didn't already know about. Sorry to bore you, but I didn't make you read this.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Work work work

I finally start working full time all the time this week. I'll be working at the boutique and at Marmalade, another store by the same owner downtown. It'll be nice to be able to keep busy and be making money at the same time. I won't be working the other part time job anymore because it had to unexpectedly close. With the prices of food and fuel going up the place just isn't making money so they closed their doors Friday. I'm not too sad though. I'll be getting at least 30 hours a week working the stores, so I just have to come up with something to cover the other 10 hours. I'm thinking of cleaning houses like I did at school last fall. It's not something I'd like to do full time, but 10 hours a week is just right! If any of you know somebody who needs a pt housekeeper a couple times a week for the summer shoot me an email, comment here on the blog, or give them some way of contacting me. I'd really appreciate it!

Since I've been home I'll see people and they tell me how they have loved reading my blog and/or looking at my pictures and it always surprises me! I have no idea who reads this beyond a few friends a family members, but apparently I have a lot wider audience than I thought. I'm glad I have people that care about what I'm doing enough to get on here and keep updated, even if my life "isn't as exciting" as it was! I'm working on it.
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