Saturday, December 1, 2012

O Tannenbaum

Our first Christmas tree as married people is awesome, and this is why:

Awesome thing #1: We found a great deal on it and the store was out of stock so they let us buy the floor sample. (Husband didn't think stores did that and was embarrassed when I asked, and this is the second time it's worked.  The first time involved a lamp.)

Awesome thing #2: I had a hunch if I hoarded items throughout my single life they'd come in handy as a married person and I was right.  Good thing I remembered on my wedding day to grab the tree skirt that's been chillin' in my cedar chest since I was 14.

Awesome thing(s) #3: Our tree is multi-cultural.  Ornaments include:

  • miniature disco balls from Taiwan purchased when I went there for my brother's wedding
  • olive wood cut outs from Jerusalem from my semester in Israel
  • a couple of do-dads from China given to me by a friend who made a trip last year
  • a felted boot from Steamboat Springs picked up during our honeymoon
  • a Tiffany-esque stained glass harp from my trip to Ireland
  • old fashioned home-made paper decorations made with love here in the US of A.  
(All ornaments actually purchased on-location by myself or others. Not just like, stickered with "made in China".)  We also have a few fake Gerber daisies stuck in the tree as well (we had to get creative) given to me by my old roommate who is Mexican, but I don't know if that counts.

Awesome thing #4:  It's ours.

Those are totally homemade stockings on the wall.  Crafty wife FTW.

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