Monday, July 14, 2008

The rest of the story...

I'm pretty much recovered now. After that last post my throat took a turn for worse and by my doctor's appointment I couldn't talk it hurt so bad. No complications, just lots of pain. But then it just got better from there. I didn't end up going back to work that week after all. I couldn't talk well still and was trying to wean myself off my painkillers. The great ladies at work covered for me and I went camping with the fam in Montana for the holiday weekend. Sitting around doing nothing among family and friends was better than sitting around doing nothing alone at home. I didn't get to do much but it was nice to relax and recover. Everyone else had fun going rafting on the Clark Fork River with the high water we've had all spring and now into summer.

I went back to work last Monday and it's nice to have something to get up and do. As much as I liked sleeping in every day during my recovery, I don't like it when I can't be productive with the rest of my day. Life is basically back to normal. I'm able to do physical activity again; I ate some chips this week and had some orange juice, all things I craved because I couldn't do them as I healed. The only time I have twinges of pain still is when I yawn or sneeze because the new tissue in my throat is still sensitive to those motions, but even those get easier every day.
Thank you for all of your caring inquiries into my health and recovery. And for those with less tact who seemed offended that I hadn't had my tonsils removed earlier like they had, my answer is simple: Nobody had told me to do it earlier. This summer was the first time it was suggested, so I got it done.

For all those that actually read this and are interested, I'm planning on having a small garage sale this weekend, a precursor to a later one. This one will be mostly clothes and shoes- lots of my own stuff I never wear anymore and also lots of little boy stuff. I've been cleaning all the little boy stuff out of Scott's room this summer. Later once we move into the new part of the house, I'll have another sale to sell the bigger items and miscellany as we purge our old things. The sale will be on the corner of Hanley and 4th street, at my grandparents' home, since our place is still a construction zone. See you there. Maybe.
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