Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A few things

The good news is I'm not allergic to pineapple or anything else I ingested the night before anaphylaxis.  The bad news is I'm not allergic to pineapple or anything else I ingested the night before anaphylaxis, yet I still went into anaphylaxis and I have no idea why.  Its like living with a live wire.  I keep EpiPen nearby.

My name is officially changed on the records of the Social Security Administration of the United States of America.  I am Sadie Hopkins.  And I'm officially one of those people.  Those people you tell your friends and coworkers and the people you sit by on the train that you know somebody whose name sounds like something ridiculous. 

"I know this girl, after she got married her name was Sadie Hopkins!  Almost like Sadie Hawkins!  Hahahaa! So funny!"

I know this will happen because I do it.  I guess turnabout is fair play.  It's a really good thing I love my husband and embrace his name. No need to leave a comment because it will probably fall into one of the following categories:
  1. OMG!  I totally didn't realize that!  That's funny/awesome/amazing/[insert overused adjective]!
  2. Awe, I think your name is cute...!  Love you! ;-)
  3. Neither of the above, but something trying to be witty or original but sounds forced and lame instead
It may be callous, but I'd rather you didn't comment on it at all.  I've had Sadie Hawkins comments my whole life, and now it's even worse.  Newsflash: I know my name and what it sounds like, so no need to bring it up.  To me it represents my commitment to our family unit and because of that I love it.  Don't ruin it for me.

I'm watching the presidential debate right now, mostly because it's being held down the street (literally, down the block from my apartment) and so I feel like I should watch it.  It will probably make me angry.  Most of the time I feel like both sides are talking in circles and saying the same thing in different ways.  It's hard to believe anything either side says.  They sound so mean criticizing each other and bending what's said.  It gives me anxiety and makes me want to punch everyone in the face.  I respect the office of the President, but I don't respect the way these people jocky for it.

I posted some wedding and engagement photos on Facebook.  If we aren't facebook friends, or you don't feel like looking through a lot of pictures, I'll save you trouble and give you two of my favorites:

(c) Claire Marika Buys
(c) Lisa Wise Photography

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