Friday, August 31, 2012

I enjoy casually referring to my husband...

Photo by Susan Anderson, used with permission
...but not as much as I enjoy saying goodnight without saying goodbye.

It's true.  I'm a married woman.  Our wedding day was full of family and sunshine and good food and love.  Everything was how I wanted it.  I defied everyone who told me I wouldn't have time to think or eat or finish details myself or remember who was there.  I ate aplenty, put finishing touches on my centerpieces, remember what the sealer said at the ceremony, remember who was in attendance.  I did it all by planning for it and not letting the material details become more important than my marriage when all was said and done.

I appreciate all those who collaborated to make our day happen so well.  Many helped weed and make fences and plant flowers haul dirt and rocks for months beforehand.  My brother Benji spent weeks this summer commuting from Utah to put in a new pond and water feature my parents' garden for the reception.  My mom coordinated  reception details and carried out my wishes despite simultaneously planning a move to Seattle for Scott's treatment.

Family and friends worked especially hard the week before doing "last things" on top of throwing me a shower, attending the temple with me, and juggling all  the other things that go on that time of the summer before anyone decides to get married.  Aunts and cousins and friends and family all willingly helped set up, kept things going, then took down.  It was beautiful and I loved the whole day.

On top of it all, everyone thought the two of us getting married was a great idea.  We didn't necessarily need anyone's approval, but it's still nice to have it all the same.

THANK YOU everybody.  Thanks for making the day possible, not just in the details of a wedding, but contributing to our lives.  Because of the people we turned out to be, he found me and now we're married and I'm just really happy about the whole thing.
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