Denver Bucket List

The only thing people told me about Denver before I moved was that it was fun.  The only thing I've heard about Denver since I arrived was that it was fun.  I am determined to find the fun.  The following is my list of things to do in and around Denver while I live here. Feel free to make recommendations.
  • Attend a Rockies game
  • Go to the following museums:
    • Denver Art Museum (different place from above)
    • Molly Brown House
    • Nature and Science Museum
  • Walk through the Denver Botanic Gardens (only 1 mile-ish north of my office!) 
  • Swing dance at The Mercury Cafe
  • Hike a tall mountain
  • Visit Vale (and spot a celebrity)
  • Shop the 16th Street Mall
  • Camp out in the mountains
  • Explore the Denver City Library
  • Go to a Broncos game
  • Circumnavigate Aurora Reservoir
  • Hike Castlewood Canyon 
  • See an event at Red Rocks
  • Browse the Santa Fe Art District
  • Walk through Saks 5th Ave, just for fun
  • See the Nutcracker
  • Go to the Denver Zoo
  • Tour Cave of the Winds/Manitou Caverns
  • Hike Seven Falls
  • Tour the US Mint
  • Tour the Capitol building
  • Attend the Cherry Creek Arts Festival


colorado.appliance said...

Hike any mountain? or a Fourteener?

You also forgot......
-Hike Lookout Mounatain
-Eat at Beaujo's
-Central City
- DU
-Stanley Hotel
-Estes park
-Royal Gorge
-X Games
-Read to children at the Childrens Hospital
- Rapids Game
-Av's Game
-Country Line Dancing
-Bandimere Speedway
-U.S. Mint Tour
-Shop Federal Blvd
-Cheyanne Mountain Zoo
-Colorado Springs USA Olympic Training Center
-Broadmoor Hotel
-Greeley Stampede
-Eat Rocky Mountain Oysters @ Bruce's
- Dinner at Bass Pro Shop

sailorjaques said...

I'm moving to Denver in the summer, so I'm working on a bucket list of fun, too. I'm going to steal some of yours. Hope that's ok. :D

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