Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Get ready for it...

Here I go.  Life as I know it is about to change, again.  I will leave a person who has never been to Italy and Ireland and I will return as someone who has.  I think it is so exciting to imagine what life will be like after I'm back.  I've always done that, tried to imagine what it's like on the other side of an experience.  Who will I be new friends with?  What will become my favorite place?  What things will I have discovered?  What words will I know?  Sometimes I imagine so much in advance that I get really sad to think that in so many days the experience will end!

Don't be jealous, please.  We all have prioities in life.  If you really wanted to go on this trip too, you'd make it happen.  We all tend to spend our time and money on what matters most to us.  This means a lot to me, so I made it happen.  I'm sure there are cool things you make happen every day I won't ever do.  I don't mind at all.  If I want to do them enough, I will.

I went shopping yesterday for travel-sized bottles for my shampoo, etc. and it was so fun.  I love miniature things.  They're almost as fun as oversized things. 

I didn't work most of last week because I went to a family reunion in Utah, so I have tons of work to do this week before I head out Thursday.  Puts a damper on the excitement sometimes when I'm stressing about what has to get done first.  It's like getting excited about school letting out when you still have to take finals.  You're definitely looking forward to it, but dreading what you have to hurdle to get there.  But I will get there!  Huzzah!

Lots of adventures coming up, so stay tuned.
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