Sunday, December 22, 2013

2013 Christmas Letter

I felt like a Christmas letter would be an appropriately "grown up" thing to do, now that I have a husband, baby in utero, 401K, and real furniture. But I'm still in a poor, young, pregnant-with-a-student-husband stage  of life so I hope you excuse my using a free resource to distribute it.  (Postage is a luxury, folks.)

Right off the bat in 2013 we got two new nephews!  In the words of their father, they came too late for a 2012 tax break and New Years baby prizes, but they are still loved.  We had to wait till my brother-in-law's wedding in the summer to meet them, but it was cool because by then they were in a fun learning-how-to-crawl phase and laughed at all our jokes.

We took a fun trip to Durango, CO, for a long spring break weekend in March and per tradition, I got sick.  I felt it coming on the day before but I was scared to admit it to my husband because I didn't want justify the family cliche.  No hospital trip, but there was lots of congestion and nose-blowing.  I survived, and we managed to fit in a historic train trip to the mountains, delicious food, a snowmobiling tour, hot springs, and a movie.  Not usually something I point out, but our hotel had the most impressive free continental breakfast I've ever encountered. Two words: Belgian waffles.

Much of this year, especially summer, was highlighted with weddings of families and friends.  Each of us had a brother get married over summer and it was great to travel and see each of our families.  I also took a quick weekend trip by myself while my husband was taking his summer finals to attend the wedding of one of my best friends from high school.  It felt like a early high school reunion in a really fun and awesome way.  I probably don't even need to go back for the real one.

In between the summer weddings I spent my time trying to not throw up and patting myself on the back when I made it to work before 10AM.  First trimester is the pits, yo. I've had a classic and healthy pregnancy, though the whole nesting thing is still foreign.  Isn't that instinct supposed to kick in by now?  We walked through the baby section at Target last week and after 5 minutes my husband had to quickly steer me elsewhere.  I was so overwhelmed I stopped forming complete sentences.

Speaking of my husband, if all goes as planned he should be done with school by this time next year.  He studies industrial design and this last semester he designed some really cool stuff. His final project was a bassinet for Baby Hopkins which we're excited to use.  He still works nights while I work days, but while he's on break between semesters we get to see each other every morning before I go to work since he doesn't have to leave early for class and that's awesome.

Another nephew made his debut a couple weeks before Thanksgiving.  He's grandchild #9 for my parents.  I'm glad our kiddo (who shall be #10) will have cousins close in age on both sides of the family.

I was thinking about the last few Christmases, this Christmas, and Christmases to come.  When I was a kid, Christmas tradition wrapped the season in a sense of comforting sameness.  The last few years have each been very different than I'm used to, and I'm resigned to it evolving each year going forward, but I find the happy feeling of giving and love and family sticks around no matter what.  May it be so with all of you.

Love, Me

Token family picture Christmas Sunday, 2013

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