Sunday, March 24, 2013

His birthday

Guys, can I brag a little?  My husband doesn't like to celebrate birthdays, and he had a GREAT birthday and liked it.  This is an achievement.

My husband doesn't make a big deal of holidays in general, and his birthday in particular.  Now, I LOVE birthdays.  He'd hate it if I planned a party or invited people over so I don't dare, but I still wanted to make his day special.  So I made his favorite sticky buns for breakfast (which he pretended to be upset about because they take a lot of time and effort so he'd told me I shouldn't do it, but behind it all he was happy I did it despite him because he LUUUUVS sticky buns).  And I gave him exactly what he wanted and didn't ask for: LEGO Indiana Jones game for our new Wii, an extra nun-chuck so we can play together, and his favorite candy: Mini Cadbury Eggs.  He was totally impressed I did such a good job picking out presents.  I was impressed with myself.  I was way more excited than he was to open everything.  That evening we had sushi at our favorite neighborhood sushi place, and then played Indiana Jones until our hands were too tired to keep playing.

When he admitted he had a great day (in a way that meant he truly enjoyed it, and not that he just was happy I was happy doing things for him but didn't really care about the things themselves), I felt like I accomplished something really significant.  I told him every birthday can be this fun, and he did not answer with skeptisicm.

A truly happy birthday FTW.
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