Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, Me.

I love birthdays.  I say that every year.  Because it's true.  True to form, this post will involve the ways I celebrated through the food I ate. 

Day-of he made me breakfast of French toast and bacon and even used raisin bread for me especially and regular white bread for himself since he doesn't like raisins.  Which is ok by me because I don't have to feel bad about not sharing the chocolate covered raisins he gave me. 

I spent most of the day just lounging about relaxing, but I did use my new birthday yoga mat, and we took a jaunt to Target to look at things I did not spend my birthday gift card from Mom on.  After he left for work for the rest of the night I tried to watch my favorite movie before I promptly fell asleep until my roommate came home from work.  After finding 25 ballons from her drifting in my bedroom, she took me out to dinner and a movie at a theater that serves food during the movie.  We gorged on junk food and Red Velvet cake while watching The Vow (which was refreshingly not as saccharine as other Nicolas Sparks films).

The next day my brother and his wife hosted a nice dinner and cake for me and a few friends to celebrate my birthday.  I like to do the cake thing with family.  We wound up the evening with a game of Ticket to Ride.

I had a handful of birthday coupons for free food/buy 1 get 1 free food at various restaurants around the area, so on the day they expired a few friends helped me share unnecessarily amounts of shakes and ice cream on a frigid night.

Here's the only thing I took a picture of:
Happy birthday to me.
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